Midsummer Night in Spain, also known as Noche de San Juan

    Midsummer Night, also known as Noche de San Juan, is celebrated in Spain as one of the most important folk festivals. The celebrations take place on the night of June 23rd to 24th, marking the summer solstice.

    During the nighttime festivities, many people gather on beaches, lakesides, and other coastal areas. Traditionally, people light bonfires called “hogueras” or “fogatas,” symbolizing purification and warding off evil spirits. It is common to jump over the bonfire, believing it brings good luck and cleanses from sins.

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    Many foreign owners of Spanish properties choose to spend Midsummer Night on the beaches or in nearby towns where local celebrations are organized. They can enjoy not only the festive atmosphere but also the beautiful views and unique attractions that Spain has to offer.

    In certain regions of Spain, such as Valencia, Midsummer Night celebrations are particularly spectacular. There are fireworks displays, processions, musical performances, and dances. Valencia is famous for its “fallas,” which are giant sculptures made of papier-mâché and wood that are burned at the end of the festivities.

    In other parts of Spain, especially in Galicia, Midsummer Night is also associated with the tradition of wet rituals. People jump over bonfires to cleanse themselves and receive grace. Additionally, in some places like A Coruña, there are fireworks shows over the sea.

    Midsummer Night is a time of joy, fun, and collective celebration for the Spanish people. The ccelebrations vary depending on the region, but throughout the country, the atmosphere is filled with music, dance, singing, and traditional rituals. It is a perfect opportunity to gather with family and friends, spend time outdoors, and enjoy the summer.

    Increasingly, foreign residents who have purchased properties in Spain also participate in these joyful festivities.

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