Poles in the top ten property buyers in Spain.

    Poles in the top ten property buyers in Spain.

    The Costa del Sol has been attracting foreign investors for many years, who are one of the main pillars of the Spanish property market.

    Our views are also followed by concrete figures which we will quote in today’s article based on data published by the Registradores de España.

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    Spain and foreign investors

    According to data published by the Registradores de España, 1,264,107 property transactions were registered in Spain in 2023, of which 247,687 were carried out by foreign investors. This means that the share of foreign investors in the Spanish property market was 20.0%.

    The largest number of foreign investors came from the following countries:

    • United Kingdom (54,074 transactions)
    • Germany (38,423 deals)
    • France (23,651 deals)
    • Switzerland (19,472 transactions)
    • United States (13 190 transactions)

    The most popular regions of Spain among foreign investors are:

    • Catalonia (53,574 deals)
    • Andalusia (29,922 transactions)
    • Valencia (25,310 transactions)
    • Balearic Islands (16,312 deals)
    • Madrid (15,941 transactions)

    The most popular property types purchased by foreign investors are:

    • Flats (141,721 transactions)
    • Houses (72,965 transactions)
    • Land (21,801 transactions)

    Based on the data for 2022-2023, it can be concluded that Spain is one of the most popular investment destinations in Europe. This is hugely influenced by Spain’s attractiveness as a place to live and work, as well as the favourable economic conditions.

    Poles also fell in love with Spain

    In Q2 2023, the largest market share was recorded by the British (8.8%), Germans (7.25%), French (6.56%), Moroccans (5.37%) and Italians (5.22%). It is pleasing to note that the share of Polish investors in the Spanish real estate market recorded the highest growth of all the nations included in the top ten listings.

    Data for the second quarter of 2023:

    Poles achieved a foreign investor market share of 3.92%, which gave us a very high ninth position.

    Thus, they overtook, among others, Chinese, Swedish or American citizens. It is also worth noting the increase in market share compared to the previous period by 0.61 percentage points, which shows an upward trend, especially against the background of other countries at the top of the pile, which recorded a decline in market share.

    These are further figures that show a year-on-year regular increase in interest in Spanish property from foreign buyers. We are also increasingly willing to buy houses and flats on the Costa del Sol.

    Registradores de España https://www.registradores.org/




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