Sierra Nevada ski resort – impressions from a visit

    Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

    Sierra Nevada – a Spanish skier’s paradise

    Sierra Nevada is a mountain chain located in southern Spain, in Andalusia (only 2 hours’ drive from Malaga), which has the highest peak in mainland Spain, Pico Veleta (3396 m). One of the highest in all of Europe!

    It is also one of the most popular ski resorts in Spain, offering excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions.

    This year we had the opportunity to spend a few days in the Sierra Nevada and were impressed by the beauty and charm of the place. The conditions are great, the mountains are impressive and the views are breathtaking.

    Advantages of Sierra Nevada Resort:

    • daytime ski lifts operate until 5pm (the standard at other resorts is 3:30 or 4pm)
    • it’s bright here for a very long time – get ready for apres ski fun in the sun!
    • the slopes are wide and very well prepared
    • the range of ski slopes is very wide, from the most difficult black and red slopes to mild blue and green onesSierra Nevada - mapa tras
    • – there is the possibility of night skiing on selected routesSierra Nevada - ski at night
    • in the picturesque village of Pradollano at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, we have well-developed accommodation, including several spa hotels. It is the center of the entire resort located at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, which provides excellent skiing conditions throughout the season.

    • the ski season is very long, lasting from November to March, although we learned from a local guide in Granada that, depending on the weather, the lifts can be open even until May and, in addition to skiing, mountain biking is also popular
    • without any problem, we can also find a place for ourselves in the many food stations on the slopes
    • for lovers of freestyle skiing there is a modern snowpark
    • in addition to the typical downhill skiing or snowboarding, we have the opportunity to rent snow bikes (the first ride must be with an instructor!)
    • there are also additional attractions available (not only for the youngest) such as an ice rink or toboggan run

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    • the base of equipment rental companies, ski schools or private instructors is extremely extensive
    • If you take your children with you, there will be plenty of attractions for them as well
      Fun park Sierra Nevada

    Some interesting facts about Pradollano:

    • Pradollano was founded in 1966.
    • In 2012, Pradollano hosted the World Snowboard and Freestyle Championships.
    • Pradollano is home to the highest ski lift in Spain, La Hoya de la Pista (3,300 meters above sea level).

    Sierra Nevada Tips and Tricks:

    • it’s worth checking if the hotel offers a swimming pool and parking included in the price (it may turn out that additional charges are required and then an offer from Airbnb or Booking may turn out to be more reasonable)
    • check the forecast of ski conditions for this day and the next on the website
    • It is a good idea to plan your vacation so that the weekends are spent at the sea and the time for winter sports is allocated from Monday to Friday. This will avoid queues to the ski lifts, which can happen on weekends, while during the week even in the peak season (we visited Sierra Nevada in January) it is really empty and comfortable.
    • Sierra Nevada is a huge mountain so, for example, one day out of several days of our stay, it may happen that some of the lifts will be out of service due to strong wind. It is worthwhile on such a day to plan your time differently and spend it in the hotel spa or plan an excursion
    • be sure to visit Grenada! This beautiful and unique city is only 30 minutes away from the Sierra Nevada. There you should visit the Granada Cristiana Cathedral and the Alhambra Castle, famous for its world-famous gardens, among other things

    There will also be something for those thirsty for more than just skiing 😊

    Piwo Alhambra - Grenada
    local beer Alhambra

    Overall, Sierra Nevada is an excellent choice for those looking for a great place for winter sports and active snow recreation.

    See you on the slopes!



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