Malaga Fair: ten experiences you should not miss

    Malaga fairs

    Malaga Fair: ten experiences you should not miss

    The pyrotechnic and drone show, the urban pilgrimage, the lighting of the gate, the music, the traditions… The Malaga Fair is full of unforgettable moments that will remain etched in your retina forever.

    The Malaga Fair , which this year is held from August 12 to 19, each edition is loaded with very special moments. Playa de la Malagueta, El Real and the city center are the key spaces in which to experience this celebration. Gastronomy, culture and tradition, light shows, music… Here we leave you ten experiences that you should not miss during the holidays.

    Fireworks and drone show
    Although the Fair officially begins on Saturday, August 12, on Friday the 11th, La Malagueta beach becomes the central stage of the party. The already traditional pyromusical show takes place there , to which is added one more year a light function in which hundreds of drones take part that will project images of the fair and the city.

    Malaga fireworks

    The urban pilgrimage
    On Saturday the 12th, the urban pilgrimage to the Basilica of Santa María de la Victoria, the patron saint of the city, will take place. The mayor of Malaga will hand over the flag of the capital to the standard-bearer, who will carry it to the feet of the Virgin accompanied by pilgrims, horsemen and carts . Upon arrival at the temple there will be an offering of flowers and a mass.


    Proclamation and ignition of the cover
    For the second year, the proclamation of the Málaga Fair moves to the Real Cortijo de Torres and will take place on the night of Saturday the 12th on a stage located in the main doorway, a doorway that will be turned on afterwards. The ignition is one of the most special moments of the fair. Thousands of light bulbs will illuminate a recreation of the façade of the Palacio de la Aduana, headquarters of the Museum of Malaga, for a week.

    Malaga proclamation

    Taste the gastronomy of the Fair
    Ham, cheese, fried aubergines with honey, fried fish, chopped tomato, roasted pepper salad or a Malaga salad are some of the favorite options to taste at the fair. To this we must add a good pairing with local wines in the traditional wine tasting (you will see it hanging around the neck of many people from Malaga). Of course, drink in moderation.

    A concert in the street
    The streets and squares of the center of Malaga become improvised stages in which to enjoy numerous live concerts . The Plaza de las Flores or the Plaza del Obispo are some of these spaces. The city’s pubs also open late so you can enjoy the latest music.

    Malaga concerts

    Verdiales pandas
    Calle Larios is the meeting point for the different bands of verdiales that perform at the Fair. The groups go through the streets of the center while interpreting different pieces. You can also see them in the Real.

    Malaga verdiales

    The verdiales , recognized as intangible heritage of culture in Spain, are peasant fandangos played and danced by groups in which guitars, violins, lutes, cymbals and tambourines can be seen, and in which the clothing of the components stands out for their colorful hats full of mirrors, flowers, ribbons or beads.

    A horse ride
    The Real Cortijo de Torres is the place to experience the Fair both during the day and at night. Two of the most striking activities in this space during the day are horse riding and carriage , and they are as much for tradition as for color. In addition, here you can see the typical attire of the fair, both in women and in men.

    Malaga jazda konna

    The typical suit
    At the Malaga Fair it is a tradition to dress in typical Andalusian costumes. For them, the flamenco dress and, for them, the short dress . In women’s outfits, embroidery and floral motifs, polka dots and colors stand out. To this we must add the shawls, flowers, combs and earrings. In the case of men, the hat, the suspenders, the white shirt and the sash, together with the traditional pants and the jacket.

    Fairground attractions
    The youngest members of the family (and the not-so-small) have a large space in the Real where the children’s attractions are located . Ferris wheels, little horses, mats, raffle stalls, stalls where you can buy sweets… There is a lot of variety!

    Malaga dla dzieci

    In addition, the day after the Fair ends, ‘Children’s Day’ takes place and the fairground attractions (or little things, as the locals call them) will be open with special prices.

    Beyond the Fair
    If, in addition to enjoying the Fair, you want to make other plans, Malaga offers you a wide variety of alternatives . From visits to the most characteristic monuments , such as the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle, the Roman Theater or the Cathedral; up to 40 museums , picturesque neighborhoods -such as Soho, El Palo or Pedregalejo-, and 14 kilometers of beaches , both urban and far from the city.

    Malaga atrakcje

    In addition, this year Malaga celebrates Picasso on the 50th anniversary of his death, so in the city you will be able to find exhibitions and activities framed in the Picasso Celebration 1973-2023.


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