Joanna Grzybowska from the Elity magazine interviewed Michał Kusiński, CEO of the real estate agency in Costa del Sol – Marbella Houses.

    Joanna Grzybowska from the Elity magazine interviewed Michał Kusiński, CEO of the real estate agency in Costa del Sol – Marbella Houses.

    Why Spain?

    Spain is my “thing.” It started with traveling and a passion for exploring. During my travels, I got to know different countries and cultures, but once I found myself in Spain, I realized that I had never felt as good anywhere else. There were many factors involved, such as the climate, the sun, the culture, the mentality, and finally, the opportunities for work and conducting business in a friendly environment. As a result, it led me to permanently relocate to Spain and establish a real estate agency specializing in the sale of luxury houses and apartments.

    For many people, the Spanish Costa del Sol is an ideal location, considering the lifestyle and also as a place for investments. Many people invest here to protect their capital from inflation and make rational choices to generate additional income through rentals. It’s worth noting that on the Costa del Sol, we have 320 sunny days a year, which attracts tourists from all over Europe.

    And that smile and good mood that come with the weather…

    Absolutely. Besides, it’s a culture and civilization that are close to us.

    Who is your offer targeted towards? Can everyone afford Spain?

    Most of the properties we offer are located in a place commonly known as the “California of Europe,” where we have dozens of internationally renowned golf courses, marinas, clubs, tennis courts, and fantastic beaches all around. Therefore, our offer is aimed at anyone looking for a vacation home, a place to relax, or an interesting real estate investment with steadily increasing value.

    How should one prepare for buying property in Spain?

    The most challenging part of the whole process seems to be not the idea itself but the decision to live permanently or temporarily in Spain. The key condition that usually determines the purchase is a personal visit and getting to know the region, the locations we offer, and the amenities available in the developed complexes. Based on my many years of experience, it has never happened that a client who visited us willingly left the places we showed them. Thanks to the high standards we have set in our agency, we guide the client safely through the various stages of the transaction, starting from picking up the client from the airport, handling all formalities, and finally handing over the keys and providing post-sales support. One of our standards is to provide legal assistance and organize financing for the purchase, which are conducted in the Polish language, making the clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire purchase process. The process of buying property on the Costa del Sol is certainly not more difficult than in in other places, and it certainly doesn’t take longer. In the case of ready-built buildings, the whole procedure takes 1-2 months. As I mentioned above, the key is to make a balanced decision about the location and purpose of the property.

    You mentioned real estate investments as an excellent way to diversify wealth. How are the prices of the properties you offer?

    In our offer, we focus on properties starting from 250,000 euros, which, in our opinion, provide a relative return on investment. There are slightly cheaper properties available on the market, but based on our experience, they do not guarantee an adequate rental return or are located in less attractive locations. For comparison, in the Polish market, 250,000 euros is the price of an apartment in Warsaw that is not located in a good location. In Spain, on the other hand, for that amount, we can buy an apartment with two bedrooms, a garden, and pools, which are usually available in every complex. Many of the apartments we offer have private pools assigned to the purchased unit. At this price, we can also purchase a townhouse, but from the secondary market.

    What locations do you offer in this “Spanish California”?

    We offer properties in Andalusia on the Costa del Sol. We focus our activities west of Malaga, all the way to Gibraltar, covering a fairly long stretch of coastline. We made this choice because of the microclimate here: on one side, we have the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other side, mountains. Winters are mild, and summers are not as hot as, for example, in Valencia. Additionally, our locations are well connected. It’s worth mentioning the airports in Malaga, Gibraltar and Jerez.

    When we talk about the Spanish California, can we hope that by buying property here, we will live next to a celebrity, a crowned head, or someone famous and extraordinary?

    Marbella is known worldwide. Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, many music, sports, and movie stars have their residences here. I’ve heard that some members of national football teams have also invested their assets here, but out of respect for their privacy, I’ll keep their names to myself.

    So, we can be pleasantly surprised?

    The area of Marbella covers a wide area, and by buying a property for 500,000 euros, we can become neighbors with a celebrity or a famous person who resides in a multimillion-dollar mansion. Another incredibly prestigious place is Puerto Banus, where the rich and famous like to spend time among the most expensive shops, luxury hotels, and unimaginable yachts.

    We mentioned the cheapest properties you offer, but what about the most expensive?

    The most expensive property is a private estate, a mansion with 16 bedrooms on a plot of almost 9,000 square meters. Its cost is 35 million euros.

    There was a time when cheap houses in Mediterranean countries were widely advertised, which later unfortunately meant frequent formal, legal, and financial troubles.

    The properties in our offer are completely free from claims, disputes, formal and legal inheritance irregularities, and any complications that a client may encounter. Our legal office thoroughly checks the situation and complete documentation of the property before signing the purchase agreement.

    Considering all these advantages, is there a lot of interest from clients in your offer?

    The interest is growing, so one must act quickly, although the Spanish market is very dynamic and does not like vacancies: as soon as a property is sold, another one appears in its place. There is a lot of construction happening, and prices are constantly and steadily rising. Investing in real estate is a great hedge against inflation. The Spanish market is still undervalued, so prices will continue to rise.

    Additionally, we should mention rental income:
    full occupancy all year round its rather impossible in many European resorts, but it’s possible in Spain. Golfers come to us throughout the year, and Scandinavians have taken a liking to this region. With the outbreak of the pandemic, many people rented apartments for several months and moved here for remote work. They worked while enjoying great weather.

    Do you also deal with long-term rentals?
    If our clients wish to rent out their property, we recommend the services of a company that specializes in property rentals. It is a reputable company with whom we collaborate.

    What sets your offer apart?
    Customer service is definitely our distinguishing factor. Our primary focus is on ADVISING, NOT SELLING. We greatly respect our clients’ time, which is why during one visit to Spain, we take care of the entire package of formalities (bank account, tax identification number – known as NIE, notarial power of attorney for the legal office, and credit arrangements if needed). Furthermore, until the end of September 2023, we have a promotion that is definitely worth taking advantage of. We stand out by not charging legal fees, which typically amount to around 1% of the property value. Additionally, and equally important, we do not charge any commission from the buyer’s side of the transaction.

    Your story paints a picture of a paradisiacal life full of sunshine, warmth of joy and devoid of problems.

    Because that’s how it is here. In Spain, nobody is in a hurry to go anywhere, which is a result of the Spanish mentality and it is easy and pleasant to adapt to this.

    From Marbella, we are two hours by car to the excellent ski resort of Sierra Nevada, which provides excellent infrastructure for winter sports enthusiasts. The winter season here lasts from November to the end of March. So on the one hand, we have the sea, warmth and sunshine, on the other, mountains and white madness. It is not without reason that Spain is considered to be one of the places with the greatest improvement in comfort and quality of life. Everything is favourable: the conditions, the weather, the microclimate, the cuisine….

    Exactly. When talking about Mediterranean countries, one cannot fail to mention the cuisine. What is the cuisine like in Andalusia, especially in Malaga?

    Fantastic, fresh, rich. Above all, seafood, fish. Lots of tuna caught here and sensational grilled octopus. Fresh vegetables and fruit. The paella is also excellent, but not with rice, but with tiny rice-like noodles. And, of course, verdejo wine. Plus sunshine, beaches, seaside boulevards and tranquillity. You don’t need anything else to be happy.

    So, welcome to the Costa del Sol!

    CEO of Marbella Houses

    Michal Kusiński

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